Monday, June 4, 2012

What’s The Skinny on Protein Treatments for Natural Hair?

Morning ladies?
Today we’re going to speak about protein and its importance to your natural hair.
You excited?
Okay, to begin, we’re going to break down what proteins are made up of. In a single protein, you have about 20 or single units knowns as amino acids. These awesome gals are all joined through peptide bonds. The order and number of amino acids that make up a protein is determined genetically.
Why does our hair need protein?
Your hair can suffer major damage from all that comes from styling, the elements, manipulations, heat, etc., Protein treatments work by filling in the gaps in the hair’s cuticles caused by all this damage.
You got all that?
Okay, so now that we know what a protein is and why do you need it, we have to find the right size. Proteins such as collagen and Keratin are too large for the hair to really be of any use. However, hydrolysed protein IS the correct size. Hydrolysed protein will be attracted to hair and conditioner helps deposit better in regions of damaged hair.
Now, the best protein treatment. Or the treatment that’s a fan favorite is the ApHOGGE treatment. This protein treatment is like the bees-nees for natural hair. However, some have complained that your hair can get hard when sitting under the dryer before you rinse it out.
No worries ladies, this is okay. Eggs are chock full of protein, and when heat is added to an egg (or your fry it) it gets hard. It’s the same concept. When your hair gets hard it doesn’t mean it’s not working.
So ladies, now that we’ve had our extensive science lesson for the day and you’ve all got put on to the ApHOGEE treatment, think you’re going to go out and try it?

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